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Big Rock Charters LLC and the Chablis are family owned and operated.  Annie Clapp and Shasta Rouch are the sisters and Patti Rouch is the mom. Annie is classically trained in front-of-the-house and kitchen management but her current role is Captain and booker.  If you call there is a good chance she will be the voice on the other end of the line!   Rodney (her husband and the man that makes her look so good) also a chef, prepares the exquisite meals served on Chablis.  Shasta, is presently serving in the armed forces with the US Navy at an undisclosed location, on an undisclosed mission! Be rest assrured, she is on the good side and wears a white hat!! Patti is currently at Corcoran State Prison. She isn't wearing stripes but a Red Cross for she is responsible for the baddies well being! She is our Rock, and our role model! We certainly would not be her if it weren't for good ole MOM!!!!

Chablis was purchased from the Commodore Events in Alemeda  April 5, 2007. Believe it or not it has had ties to Morro Bay since its inception in 1990 at Fields landing in Humbolt bay. It was built from plans of the Old Tigers Folly by Ted Leage and Fritz Yost, two natives of Morro Bay. They apparently ran it and then was later aquired by Commodore Events who ran it for about 10 years. We sailed it down in April of 2007 with a crew of 5. Captain Randy Ryan being our fearless Captain on the Voyage. It took a total of 36 hours and we pulled into the Harbor at about 5:15 in the morning with our Strobe lights flashing on the Dance floor and the Disco Ball light up.  It has been a welcome addition to the charming Morro Bay Harbor ever since offering weekly Saturday Champagne Brunchs, and festivities for Easter, the Fourth of July, Christmas, weddings, parties, meetings and events of all kinds.

“ We work together and make this a family business that has become a vital contributor to the community and San Luis Obispo County,"says Annie Clapp.  An event on Chablis offers a comfortable, elegant environment that is amiable and fun.”

We are proud of all the hard work that we have put into this business. We are also thankful of all the help we have recieved throughout the years.

Big Rock Charters, LLC is a member of the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce and the San Luis Obispo County Visitors and Conference Bureau.

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